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Licensing and Credentialing

Licensing and Credentialing

In working as a locum tenens provider, we understand the importance of being efficient and thorough with licensing and credentialing. With Locums Unlimited, you will acquire an experienced team to take care of both, as well as assistance with the administrative work that accompanies the process.


To simplify future requests, Locums Unlimited will provide you an initial credentialing application and obtain any necessary support documents. This packet will be used for any additional privileging applications in the future in order to help prefill on your behalf.


Additionally, if you need a new state license we can help complete much of the paperwork for you, as well as requesting any verifications you may need. Your Locums Unlimited licensing expert may also act as a liaison with the state boards, to provide you with the utmost support.


initial-credentialing-applicationLocums Unlimited is here to provide you quality service, insight, and knowledge. We pride ourselves in the seamless process we give to our providers and clients. Our goal is to make it a pleasant and effortless experience for you.

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