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The Provider Process

The Provider Process

The Locums Unlimited experience is special and unparalleled, which includes the step-by-step provider process. Our placement process is efficient, personalized, and fun. We will place you in the hands of top-of-the-line clients and great work environments.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Let’s talk: Send us your CV and speak with experienced Physician representatives about your objectives.
  1. Explore potential opportunities: Once we learn about your passions and goals, we can then share the variety of locums openings available to you. Many times, we present unique and appealing opportunities you might not have ever imagined! Location, setting and compensation will all be covered at this time.
  1. Present you to our clients:   The next step once we’ve narrowed down your options of interest is to submit your CV and pertinent information to our client. If no other questions are needed, clients many times will choose to go forward immediately.In some cases, a phone call may be requested on the client’s behalf before accepting you for the position.
  1. Confirm assignment: After you and the client mutually agree to move forward, Locums Unlimited will decline any open presents on your behalf. We finalize the details of your assignment and send an email confirmation for your records.


  1. Licensing, credentialing, and travel requests: Our team of experts will personally work with you to apply for any new licenses and help you fill out any credentialing paperwork. Locums Unlimited’s detailed and hands on approach will ensure this process is simple and painless. We will also obtain any travel preferences at this time if needed.
  1. Start your assignment: And now the fun begins! Once you start your assignment and your time card is received, you will be paid on a bi-weekly basis. With the support of the Locums Unlimited team behind you, the world is now your oyster.